Click for a bigger picture of the HEXAGON visuals Click for a bigger picture of the HEXAGON application Click for a bigger picture of the HEXAGON logo

HEXAGON is an application created by a project team AIM at MediaLAB Amsterdam. They were in desperate need of a designer, so I was asked to help them out in their last weeks.

They did a project with a ton of stakeholders such as ExMachina, Johan Cruijff Arena, ESL Benelux, RS NEW MEDIA CONCEPTS , and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

My assignment was to create the visual identity for their product, the esports prediction app called HEXAGON. To do this, I first designed the HEXAGON logo, followed by the customer journey map of the esports attendees and the online watchers, their research poster, event tickets and banner for their final exposition and last but not least I redesigned the HEXAGON application visuals.

The briefing was short and straightforward. The style of the visuals had to resemblance the style of ESL. This meant the style of the visuals had to look futuristic with the base colors black, white and blue. With this in mind, I started creating logo designs with a black marker on paper. To give it an original futuristic look I wanted to form each letter of HEXAGON on my own. A thick marker enabled me to play with the thickness of the letters and create shapes and styles quickly.

After the creation of the logo, I created a style that matched the logo and applied it to the customer journey map. When the team was satisfied with the style, I used it to create the research poster, event tickets, and banner.

Luckily I worked fast enough to have time left to work on the redesign of the HEXAGON application visuals. The team used a simple template before I came along, so I could basically design it from scratch.

Ultimately the assignment was fun to do, and the team and stakeholders were delighted by my work.

Click for a bigger picture of the FLEX NUTRI-PLANS logo Click for a bigger picture of the FLEX NUTRI-PLANS logo process

FLEX NUTRI-PLANS is a startup that focuses on training programs and healthy food regimens. They wanted a logo that was abstract, yet approachable.

I created their logo by first discussing what the client thought of when imagining training and healthy food and how to represent this in the logo in a way that is recognizable for everyone. Secondly, we discussed how the logo should make a potential user feel, what the user should think of when seeing the logo. According to the client, the potential user should feel determined, motivated and ready to work on a healthier lifestyle.

As seen above the logo design had undergone multiple iterations before the creation of the final logo.