Wireframes and testing Visual mock-up Movia prototype MoVia logo and slogan

The MoVia app is a mashup between IMDb and Trivia Crack with the focus on movie trivia.

The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences gave TinTin Mok and I the assignment to make a prototype for an application for moviegoers. We chose to make an application for the die-hard fans whom pay attention to every detail in movies.

We started with simple sketches and tested them with our target audience. We then made simple visuals and started prototyping and testing. I tested with a couple of children who found it hard to grasp the concept of a 'prototype' at first, but still found their way around the application. It was really satisfying to see that the app was easy to use and to hear all the positive feedback we got. But it was even more satisfying to get an 8 out of 10 for our project.

The prototype of the project can be found here.