I made this animation in 2010 for an animation course at my college back then. I rendered it out in 2013 and edited it.

Some time later I didn't feel quite satisfied with it but when I wanted to alter some things I figured out I lost the file... so this is as far as I could go with the rendered out data I had.

Animation is something I'm quite interested in. It makes lifeless objects come alive. Pixar for instance can make viewers feel connected to cars and toys by animating them.

For my assignment I had to do the same as Pixar. I had to give a sphere with a tail life. I chose parkour because it includes fluent and fast movement. Life is not always as fluent and smooth as we want it to be, but it sure is fast. By letting my squirrel parkour to the top I wanted to simulate life in a way. The squirrel aims for the top, like we do in life. He has obstacles in it's way, but doesn't give up. And he overcomes by pushing himself beyond what normal squirrels even thought possible.

This was an inspiring project for me and I learned how motion and camerawork are crucial for an amusing video. Editing this video started my interest for video editing as well.

Water/slime material study Diamond material study Airplane view View from a satellite Snow and icecold water

During my 3D Game Design study, I got interested in materials and how they react to light. Especially refractions and reflections got my attention due to the dazzling and vivacious aspects it could give to a scene. So I started to experiment in my own time with materials and how to create materials that looked as realistic as possible.

My aim was to at one point create materials that looked similar to the materials in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The materials used in this movie are procedural materials which means that they stay the same quality no matter how far one zooms in (comparable to vectors vs. pixels).

Working with procedural materials enabled me to work with terrain creation software. This software works with the same principle.

3D printed action figure Ring 3D printed

3D printing standards right now are only just the beginning. Soon we will be able to print everything, from small plastic toys to printable houses and even organs for the ones in need.

I have decided not to let this opportunity pass me by, but to jump on the hype train and ride it into the sunset. That is why I started doing the 3D printing. The option to create something digitally and let it shift to the physical world is something, which in my opinion, transcends the feeling of Virtual Reality. In contrast to diving into the digital world that is the case with VR, 3D printing enables the digital world to become the real world.

Although, this is easier said than done. Creating the character (as seen in the slider above) with positionable arms and legs was harder to do than I anticipated. Materials, size, weight, and balance are all essential to making a character like this. The character was part of a school project where I designed a platform where children can create their personalized characters, that can be 3D printed and send to their home.